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Is the Digital Age the solution to Africa's lag in healthcare infrastructure development?

The mobile phone has not just been a gadget to facilitate communication but a tool that has empowered people of the sub-saharan Africa. The mobile phone has come with new innovations like the Mpesa mobile money which disrupted the banking industry all across African, South-America and Asia. Innovations like the Kenyas' mobile money platform received wide adoptation across these markets because of the lag in infrastructure development which presented itself as an opportunity.

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Introduction of Technology into the Health Sector

Over the past few years, some countries have witnessed the introduction of use of technology into the health sector, being a bold move that has seen a development in the provision and delivering of healthcare services.

Research has shown that for countries within Africa, the health sector has experienced a devastating rate of morbidity and mortality, from infectious diseases. Within Zimbabwe, the health delivery system has severely suffered from the period 2000 to 2013; high prevalence of HIV/AIDS among adults (15-49) being at 13.7% in 2010...

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