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CHW Program

The Community Health Worker Program is a flagship service supporting the DawaMom platform. Mothers can request customised home visits through the platform. Through the CHW network support, mothers get their medical parameter recording that is then wired to a medical expert via the platform for remote consultation

CHW Network

We are looking for you if you are registered with the Ministry of Health and passionate about helping mothers receive quality access to maternal health. We provide incentives for every mother you support.


The World Health Organization (W.H.O) recommends on average, a doctor: patient ratio of 1: 1,000 people. However, In Zambia and Zimbabwe, the ratios are at 1: 12,000 and 1: 10,000 respectively, meaning doctors are overwhelmed.

We believe leveraging on a network of community health agents and digital tools will significantly reduce the pressure on doctors. Using this approach, we believe Dawa Health will improve access to maternal health from 29% to over 80% by 2025

How it Works

A community health agent- tradional health worker, nurse, or midwife, signs up onto the platform. Once verified to be registered with the Ministry of Health, the agent receives a kit from the Dawa Health team to use during home visits.

Through the DawaMom app, the mother is able to request for the kind of agent they want. The agent is able to confirm order through their DawaAgent app, and visit mother based on requirements.

Value Proposition

  • Commission income from onboarding and supporting mothers

  • Dawa Health support to provide remote patient care

  • Join the efforts of reducing maternal mortality in local communities

Dawa Self-monitoring kit

The Dawa monitoring kit empowers the CHW to record mother's medical parameters and wire the data to a remote medical expert via the DawaMom platform.

The kit has:

  • a blood pressure monitor
  • an hCG strip kit
  • a urinalysis strip kit
  • latex gloves

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