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What are pregnant mothers dying from?

Source: World Health Organisation

Problem Defination

Over 830 mothers die daily from perinatal complications with 67% of them in developing countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. More than 2 400 newborns die every day and about 3 100 within their first 4 weeks of life from preventable neonatal conditions.

In Zambia and Zimbabwe combined, over 1.8 million mothers give birth annually with 15+ dying daily. Only 29% of pregnant mothers have access to good quality antenatal care putting the majority at risk of perinatal complications.

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Health Agents Network

We work with a network of health agents who provide bimonthly visits to mothers

Remote Consultation

Our service empowers you to get remote consultation from medical experts with no hussle

Health Records

Your data is stored in a simple, easy to comprehend way. You can share and access it with a tap of a button

Image: Remote Maternal Health

Dawa Health fighting maternal mortality

At Dawa Health, we believe democratizing access to maternal health will significantly lower the numbers of pregnancy-induced maternal mortality. We are reshaping access to maternal health via several tools tailored for mothers and health centers. Our approach is targeted at contributing to SDG 3, 4, 8, & 10.

Rudo (Chatbot)

Rudo is a virtual assistant chatbot available 24/7 to support mothers at their convinience. Rudo is a Shona word that means love, this signifies the values we hold as a company to help mothers in the region access quality maternal health.

We are working with a network of community health workers who provide biweekly support to mothers.

Image: Rudo- [AI-powered chatbot]

Image: The DawaMom app


The DawaMom is an AI-powered app empowering mothers to receive remote maternal health while guiding them through their pregnancy.

The app is tailored to provide weekly advice corresponding to that of the mother's pregnancy. Functionalities include:

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Urinalysis profile
  • Ultrasound scans
  • Expected physiological body changes
  • Baby development stages
  • Pregnancy tips
  • Action plan to improve outcome


To overcome barriers of internet access and low smart-phone penetration in low-income communities, we have designed a USSD/SMS app that runs over a short code. This models enables mothers with feature phones to get access to the DawaMom services.

The app works with a network of community health agents who act as last-mile support contacts to mothers. Mothers get bi-weekly visits to have a consistent parameter tarcking.


Through the USSD/SMS app, mothers are able to navigate services through a shortcode with no need of internet.The services available over USSD include:

  • Health agent network
  • Antenatal support
  • Postnatal support
  • Ambulance emergency dial
  • Account settings

Image: USSD/SMS App

CHW Network

The Community Health Worker Program is a flagship service working together with the DawaMom apps. This service enables mothers to request biweekly home visits from a network of agents.

For every visit, the health agent monitor parameters like- blood pressure, urinalysis profile, TORCH diseases, amoung others.

How the platform works

The mother get remote maternal health support from health facilities and experts through the platform. A network of CHW provide biweekly home visits to measure and monitor medical profiles.

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